Looking for Augmented Reality’s Purpose in Life

I’ve been thinking about Augmented Reality for a while now.  So far, my conclusion is this – it is very cool and not very useful.  I want to be wrong though.

I just watched the following cute video about Google Glass.  In theory it seems relevant, practical and cool.  In reality, I think that having information broadcast to my near field vision would make me distracted, annoyed and extremely eye-fatigued.

I’ve also seen others trying to use AR as an instructional manual, by overlaying an animation on top of the piece of equipment you are trying to setup.  Nice idea, but wouldn’t it be easier to set your phone or tablet down, and just play a video showing the instructional animations so that your hands are free for the actual setup?

I am still a fan of the technology – I just want to see the applications the REALLY make sense. I think there may be a huge potential within education… bringing non-digital textbooks to life.  On the entertainment side, I can see AR being used in a hybrid of video/real world games.  I’m sure there is more…